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Warranty Terms and Conditions

1. Warranty

1.1 Warranties on hardware are available for all VG Computing products and are valid for the duration of the selected product. Unless otherwise noted, clients are covered under a return to base warranty. It is the clients responsibility to send the defective part(s) to VG Computing. VG Computing will then repair or replace and send the repaired/replaced part(s) back to the client at no cost. The replacement part(s) may not be identical to the part the client currently has, especially if the defective part is no longer available. The replacement will however be of equal or greater performance than the previous part. If the part is found not to be defective, the defective part was not supplied by VG Computing, the defective part is out of warranty or the defective part was found to be damaged by the user or external causes a nominal service fee will apply plus any shipping costs and the part in question will not be replaced.

1.2 Part(s) being returned must be in their original or similar safe for transport packaging. VG Computing will not accept any returns which have not been packaged properly.

1.3 This warranty does not cover damages due to external causes. Such causes include, but are not limited to, accidents, misuse, incorrect installation, incorrect storage, incorrect usage, deliberate or accidental destruction, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, war, act of violence or any similar occurrence, fire, liquids, normal wear and tear, act of God, problems caused by external components or services, third party servicing, tampering with equipment, repair or attempted repair by an unauthorised party, modifications and problems with electrical power. Warranty will not be honoured if the product has been modified, tampered with or warranty sticker or serial number is broken or removed.

1.4 The warranty period begins from the date we build your system. The extra time required for any testing, software installation or shipping does not extend the warranty.

1.5 LCD monitors and LCD screens in notebooks are susceptible to dead pixels. Clients should be aware that dead pixels can and do occur on such screens. VG Computing's warranty policy on dead pixels follows that of the manufacturer of the LCD screen and VG Computing will only accept LCD screens for warranty repair when the number of dead pixels is within the manufacturer's dead pixel policy. Clients should contact the manufacturer of their LCD screen for up to date information on their dead pixel policy. Clients must accept that dead pixels on LCD devices which fall within the manufacturer's dead pixel policy are considered acceptable.

1.6 Warranty for notebooks and monitors are handled by the manufacturer of said item. VG Computing advises for clients to contact the manufacturer of these items first for warranty repairs.

1.7 Any failure of software products due to misuse of the product or hard disk failure is not covered by warranty.

1.8 VG Computing provides optional on-site warranty service for its range of desktop and servers. Warranty for these products are handled by our on-site service partner United Electrical Engineering. The client must understand the following terms and conditions for on-site service.

1.8.1 On-Site service is handled by United Electrical Engineering, not VG Computing.

1.8.2 On-Site service only covers the case and internal components. Monitor, keyboard, mouse and other external components are not covered.

1.8.3 On-Site service is invalid for the first 7 days of product purchase.

1.8.4 The included surge protector or any Australian standards approved surge protector must be used.

1.8.5 No software support is included.

1.8.6 Repair time is depended on available parts.

1.8.7 Some faults may not be possible to repair on-site and may require the faulty equipment be services in the repairer's workshop. The repaired item will then be returned to the client.

1.8.8 On-Site warranty becomes void if either VG Computing or United Electrical Engineering enters into liquidation other than for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction, summons a meeting of its creditors or becomes insolvent.


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