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File Servers

A more organized workplace will lead to a more efficient business. Efficient businesses are able to provide their products or services in timely fashion to their customers leading to customer satisfaction, they are able to minimize on mistakes made and profits can eventually be maximized. File servers give you the ability to store files into one centralized area in your networked business environment.

VG Computing offers great servers that are custom to fit your needs, particularly if your business is one of the many businesses that do not have a logical file storage methodology. A business that runs without a logical storage process could be hazardous to its success since important business files could be stored in a number of different locations making them hard to find or making it easy to lose them. Document management will eventually become difficult and creating backup files will be almost impossible.

With a file server you will be able to centralise all your documents to one location and one structure. This allows for a logical single storage hierarchy for your files, easier collaboration of your documents amount your staff and also provides an easy backup method.

Additionally, an added advantage of a file server is the ability to access your files from a remote location, somewhere completely far away from your office. Our file servers include VPN capabilities which allows you to securely connect to the file server from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows you to work on your documents no matter where you are.

What's Included

The server will be setup with the following features, all tailored to your business:

  • Linux or Microsoft Windows operating system

    Your choice between either a Linux or Microsoft Windows based server operating system.

  • File and Print Server

    A file server will give you the ability to store all your files in one centralised area on your network. This allows for easy collaboration of all your documents within your office.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server

    Access all the resources of your server, including your documents, from any location which has an internet connection. Just connect your computer to the internet, log into the server and begin using its features as if you were in the office.

  • Plus...

    Firewall protection, remote administration and data security (using RAID1/Mirror mode) with other optional features available to be installed on the server as well.

Optional Extras:

Please feel welcome to get in touch with us via our contact page and we can provide you options better designed for your needs.

VG Computing support service is available to all customers who require assistance in using their new server, as this is in line with our quality and customer assurance goals. Also included is our remote administration software with which we can quickly correct any software problem you are having by remotely connecting to your server.

We also offer a service to maintain your server after installation. We are able to ensure your server remains up to date with the latest security patches as well as ensure that your server is working at peak efficiency.


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